Alternatives to RM CC3/4

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Alternatives to RM CC3/4

Post by Cory »

Hi All,

Hope all is well and you are enjoying your new RM CC3/4. I'm posting this thread, as I am don't know if many are aware - but I have been working on a project in the background to get some sort of network management software implemented in my home network.

Have 9 P.C's, 2 laptops, 3 tablets, etc etc. I'm currently going to be investing in a server, and probably going to be using RM CC4 - but I am just keeping my options open.

To be honest - I am having major bugs with this being on a virtual machine - so I will have to purchase the servers itself and then go from there...

I'm curious if anyone knows any alternative platforms - that does basically what RM CC3/4 does that I may not be aware of? The only thing I know is BCX - but there hasn't been any leaked software from anywhere that I can find

Does anybody know any other types? Like I said, i'm probably going to go with RM CC3/4 - but I just want to see if you guys have heard of any others.

Many thanks :).

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