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Default Passwords

Post by tomh12345 »

Hi, Because most of the teachers in our school are completely stupid when it comes to computers, (i had to help my geography teacher log on one time lol but he held the keyboard up so i cudnt see the password) i have heard some of them havent changed their default passwords when they first got their new users on the CC3 network

what is the default password created when new users are created? or does it depend on what the technician wants it to be?

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Post by irksome »

The way my admin does it is whenever he creates new student accounts the password is always "password". But when he creates staff accounts he always creates a random password and forces them to change it as soon as they logon.

Chances are the teachers have custom passwords :wink:

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Post by ali2234 »

From browsing the forums you can find out that a default admin password is 'changeme'.

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