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Delete History on your account!

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Now this is a really easy way to delete your history which I found out at my school. It does not however erase URLs from the taskbar (but does erase google history, so just use google for any websites you log onto. :D ).
First of all, open up Internet Explorer, then click on Tools then Internet Options. Now click on Settings and then View Files. You will see a list of cookies, you might as well delete them while your here anyways ;) . Now, near the top of the screen is a square button with the word Folders on it and a picture of a folder aswell. Click it. You will now see a list of folders at the side. Amongst a list of usernames you will see your own which has been expanded already for you. Click on your History folder and erase everything inside it.
Unfortunately, unless you have Advanced Staff rights or higher, then you can't open any other student folders. (Just use testteacher and the password as password (Works for me at my school) 8-) )

Hope this helps, any questions just leave it in your reply, I will do my best to get back to you, (BTW, I am new here)
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