Privilege Escalation Exploits ?

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Privilege Escalation Exploits ?

Post by Wack0 »

Well, so i can TS into school from home .. (not CC, just a standalone with a LOT of policies) and have exploited a number of bugs to get to certain places, run cmd, run ftpclient (to transfer files to this box via ftpd) .. and i have the port scan results to every server thanks to nmap (it's so SLOW without winpcap ..) and now all i need is privilege escalation exploits, exploits to get a SYSTEM shell, etc. (i don't use my acc, i use 2 other accs that i have the info for)
We use ABTutor Control, any idea to exploit that ? I will try a few more things now ..

btw, a funny story: In my last school, i was helping the IT technician (on a CC3 network) and he gave me an admin account heh. I wasn't pwning anything back then though, just helping him, creating batch files to do certain things like reinstall printers and reboot, etc. Funny that I got given admin access by the tech though. Ah, the joys of years past ;)

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