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Application wizard

Post by zorgotro »


I downloaded Application Wizard from ... aring.html via another post here.
When I run App Wizard I get: "A critical error has occurred while attempting to initialise logging". The update file, run from the workstation, fails on prerequisite "SP4 needs to be installed". I have SP6 on the server, not sure what SP4 regarding client refers to.

Don't know if it is the cause, but I also can't connect to the management console (no more establishments available) without going through the browser. RMMC doesn't seem to show the workstation either, despite lots of attempts to reinstall everything.

I really need to get the App Wizard running so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Application wizard

Post by thornhillr »


Do u have the cd rom database on the F:\ Drive in the RMMultimedia share.
If you dont have the CD Rom database present, ensure RMMultimedia is a folder, with the share name being RMMultimedia, on the F:\ Drive, then install CD Rom Database, and CD Rom Player.

This has to be done - right click my computer on the start menu, click properties, then click hardware tab, then driver signing, then click Ignore any warnings. When this has been done, install Virtual CD 4, which will then create the virtual CD drives in my computer. If you dont modify the driver signing warnings, then virtual CD will not install correctly when run or in the future, which is why driver signing warnings have to be ignored.

Try running RM Application wizard.

Then that should be done.

Many Thanks.

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