Internet wanted on PC without RM software.

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Internet wanted on PC without RM software.

Post by ebunnyz »

Hi all.

I've set myself a challenge of getting internet access, even if it is partially filtered, on my netbook that I take to college every day as I am bored because it's the end of the year and there is nothing to do. Here are the details of my college.
  • Only properly available access to the network is via wireless.
  • There are two wireless networks. One is for the pupils' computers and I guess the other is for staff.
  • Networks are WPA2-PSK secured. The passwords for either of these networks will not be given out. I have asked nicely.
  • Clients run CC3.
  • ALL routes to run any form of executable files on an RM-enabled client are disabled. I tried doing this for years.
This hasn't stopped me getting quite far, though. I pulled the 65 character hex password for the pupil network from the registry of one of the school laptops by booting into Linux and copying it over to my netbook. This allows me to connect, despite it being complete gibberish. Now that I have access to the pupil WiFi, I can use my portable copy of RM Tutor 3 that I... acquired to view and control all of the online computers on the network.

Note that these computers under my control are pupil accounts, occasional teachers and the SysAdmin. Our SysAdmin is not an idiot at all, he's covered his back on all fronts. No backdoors. Nothing. Only he, senior staff and head ICT teachers have access to RMMC.

I looked into doing a remote file transfer of the registry for the staff WiFi password but it wouldn't let me as the file was, of course, in use by Windows. I'm also being very, very careful what I touch on there as I have strayed across databases of 'securely stored' information.

Thing is, where do I go from here to get internet access on my netbook? I would like to avoid installing all RM software if possible. I might be able to get myself an admin account by blanking a teacher's screen, ninjaing the open RMMC to make one but I'm not sure how this would help me as I couldn't access that account from my netbook.

I'm afraid I've hit a brick wall and I'm not sure where to go. I don't want the SysAdmin to catch up to me and would like to detour around him at all costs. I've taken to spoofing the MAC and name of a random laptop in the college whenever I try to do anything to attempt to cover my own back.

Any suggestions? <3

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