SIMS.NET Server Setup

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SIMS.NET Server Setup

Post by thornhillr »

Does anyone know how to setup a SIMS.NET Server???


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Re: SIMS.NET Server Setup

Post by timethrow »

This may not be much help but I have tried from my SIMS installers, and so far I still cant get it to work,

But basically set up a Windows Server 2003 Standard or Enterprise Server and Create 2 Partions (C:\ and D:\) and create a folder in the D:\ drive and call it SIMS and map that folder to the S:\ Network Drive, Copy the "setups" folder across to the S:\ Drive, Download and Install, MS Support Tools, SQLEXPRERS and all the latest updates for Server 03 (SP2 etc DO NOT INSTALL IE8) then run the SIMSINST.EXE in the S:\Setups folder, There select the options you require and install.

Install should go fine, but the problem I have had is trying to reset the SYSMAN password to login, With a clean DB, I don't know why but I haven't spent to much time on it tho.

Also install notes, Create a domain such as SIMS-ADMINSERVER2011.LOCAL etc, and Google SIMS Installation as you may get a few things up there to help. I May have a go later on in the week and see how it goes and see if i can help.

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Re: SIMS.NET Server Setup

Post by ct2k7 »

All of my SIMS files went with my laptop in a fire. I did have SIMS set up, and I did document everything :(

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Re: SIMS.NET Server Setup

Post by Frankyh »

Hey there,this is Frankyh,glad to join this forum and glad to meet you here

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