Access RM Tutor with USB

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Access RM Tutor with USB

Post by Anon »

You can access RM Tutor with a USB! If you have the full version of RM Tutor you will get a folder called PortableTutor, this allows you to access RM tutor anywhere as long as your clients have the student component installed... Once you open it up it will connect to every computer turned on with the student component.. Then you can have some fun!!! But sometimes in school .exes are blocked, try some methods like putting it in zip (dosent work on win7\vista) or putting it in word, safe mode with networking etc...

P.S Srry if this has already been posted I am a n00b

My skool currently runs on Windows 7 OS with RM Tutor 5 Client, is there anyway I could get that..?

Download Link for RM Tutor 3:

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Re: Access RM Tutor with USB

Post by Junx »

I tried the same method in my school you need the .exe to be in the same directory as all the .dlls and everything that comes in that folder for it to work unless you get this folder on the C drive my guess is its not possible to open from a students or teachers account

Luckily in my school theres one PC that doesnt have a password for the Windows XP Administrator account so I can do what I like its just a matter of getting to that pc first :(

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