windows 7 on rm cc3

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windows 7 on rm cc3

Post by swt4ajp »

hey all,

anyone got a way to run windows 7 on an rm cc3 network?

as i have been trying to get rm cc4 but no joy :( and would like to add windows 7 to the network with all the rm tools and software installed

anyhelp would be really great :)

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Re: windows 7 on rm cc3

Post by tfarrer »

Firstly, I apologise for bringing up a very old topic.

If you want to join a computer to the cc3 ad only, you can use the Control Panel thing. I think you can still create users and everything using the RMMC, then you can login like a non-rm computer.

Haven't actually tested this because I can find a CC3 server that works, and I don't currently have a computer. I've only used Cc4 and adding a computer to the ad, not building a new cc4 workstation.

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