ERD Commander 2005 to USB

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Re: ERD Commander 2005 to USB

Post by muto »

ERD is built around WinPE, from what I remmember, so it should be possible to add your own packages, but you'd have to rebuild the ISO after you did..


Re: ERD Commander 2005 to USB

Post by Lumpy44 »

shocko wrote:Hey,
I followed the steps exactly yet when i boot from the USB stick i get the message 'Remove disks or other media. press any key to restart'.
ANy ideas?

thanks! :)
I have the same message when i use pe2usb with windows vista.
It works for me with my other computer (win. xp)
Maybe you can try in compatibility mode . :ugeek:

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Re: ERD Commander 2005 to USB

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hey guys thnx for answering my questions and yes I was able to get ERD commander 2008 on my usb drive with this tut THANK YOU!

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Re: ERD Commander 2005 to USB

Post by nardva »

Ok I followed the directions to put erd commander on usb. I had to do some tweaking to get it to load. (Using ERD 2007 instead of ERD 2005 and had to format the USB drive as NTFS instead of FAT)

Im able to get ERD to load on the computer but erd commander isn't recognizing any operating system to attach to.

I'm trying to run ERD on a HP Mini 311-1000 Win XP SP3. From what I was able to gather ERD Commander probably doesn't have the SATA drivers to recognize the OS. I am stumped on what to do next.

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