Slight OSX Problem...

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Slight OSX Problem...

Post by muto »

Reports have been cropping up on the Apple Support forums that users have been losing all their data due to a nasty bug in Snow Leopard, Apple's latest Operating System. Many users are reporting that all settings are being reset and most data is gone, according to iTWire.

The problem, can easily be reproduced when a user logs into the 'guest' account, either on purpose or by accident, and when they log back out of the account and back into their normal one, they find that their account has been fully reset with all data wiped and lost - the account is like a brand new one. The home directory still exists under "/Users/username" but is completely empty.

Users are reporting that the data is unrecoverable and cannot be found anywhere on the hard drive, and the only way to restore it is if the user has been performing backups on a separate hard-drive. Apparently the problem has been present since a few days after launch, as the forum post dates back to 12th September, but as of yet, Apple has been silent.

It seems the only work around at this stage is to disable the Guest account, or at least disable it and then re-enabling it so that it's a native Snow Leopard account. Another suggestion is to create a new account and enforce parental controls
, if you really need a temporary account.

Source : open ... -user-data

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Re: Slight OSX Problem...

Post by TJ_2k7 »

I read about this on a blog a few days, and even as a self-confessed apple fan i do admit that is a pretty bad fail.

Its like they've stooped down to microsofts level :shock:

(C'mon, had to put a Microsoft joke in their somewhere :P )

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Re: Slight OSX Problem...

Post by heebyjeebys »

im sure they will get it fixed soon enough - and i hope so because i ordered a 13 inch macbook pro yesterday... (i finally have a mac wooo!.. when it comes that is)
Heeby's here! :)

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