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How to protect home PC and personal browsing from outside sp

Posted: Mon Dec 05, 2011 3:54 am
by phoney
I have installed Mcafee Total Protection software on my home PC. I usually, browse my office VPN/Intranet and e-mails via remotely logging in through my home PC. Is it very certain that my home computer’s IP address and network information can be traced and monitored, how can I prevent the web filter, keylogger and the pc spy software?

Is it possible for my company’s IT-department or someone else who knows my home PC IP address or similar network information, to track my activities (assuming they may have the ability) while I am accessing any/everything via my home computer?

I recently came to an incident which makes me suspect strongly about it. If it’s true, how to avoid it? What precautions/updates to be made?

Thanks in advance for your help.