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In need of help

Posted: Tue Apr 03, 2007 7:04 pm
by Punkswitchsk8er3
Hello, I'm a bit of a newb and would like some help. Basically my school blocks almost every proxy site, and the only one's that work run way too slow. Basically all I want to do is watch some videos on YouTube, and check out my MySpace when I'm in shop.

There is a techy guy at my school named Adam. He basically sets up all of the blocks and what-not.

He has blocked access to CMD.exe

So, I googled different ways to access it.

Run feature was blocked, and so is search. So I accessed it using NotePad and saved a file called bat.bat with "" inside to my desktop. Now I have access to CMD. But, a very heavy but, I've also checked out ways to change Admin passwords and they have all been disabled. Like "net user administrator 1234" and the c: \windows\system32\temphack has also be disallowed.

I was wondering exactly what I could do in order to either change the admin pass, create a new account with admin priviledges, or some other way to access youtube without circumventing since it does not run fast enough.

teh n00blet.