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Post by quinny »

how can i make the speed of my PC go faster , mine tends to go slow when i have like 3 or more programmes on at once.

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Re: Speed

Post by jd2kuk »

Quick and easy ways (in order of ease and magnitude of loss):
  • Defrag your hard disk
  • Check for spyware and other nasties
  • Uninstall some old programs
  • Turn off fancy visual features like shadows and animations
  • If you have more than one hard disk, set up a paging file on another disk
  • Reinstall windows
  • Buy more RAM
  • (if all else fails) Buy a new computer
These will all make your computer that bit faster ;)

There's also really good software out there to help you in doing this- ccleaner and tuneup ;)

Have fun :)

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