taskbar . ect

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taskbar . ect

Post by quinny »

when i go on any programme after when i go off it my taskbar dissapears ?
and my desktop dissapears and when i click left or righ click nothing comes up

Can someone help me please
and 1 other thing , my computer takes forever to restart or turn off , is this because i need to reboot my PC or do i need to delete all the cookies i can find

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Re: taskbar . ect

Post by Majik »

What version of windows?

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Re: taskbar . ect

Post by jd2kuk »

Although a little extreme, if I were you, I'd back up all of your files and reinstall windows. Sure, you'll have to reinstall your programs, but you'll have a fresh computer which runs fairly fast.

Be sure install a decent anti-virus when you're done ;)

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