my OWN proxy - need help

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my OWN proxy - need help

Post by the-candyman818 »

Ok, starting off with a few basic facts:

I recently learnt that because I had an active internet account (cable) and a router, I could use to reroute my ip address. I used xampp to create a basic website and my dyndns allowed me to set a web address which would link directly to my site at home.

Recently, I decided that my potential web server could do oh-so-much-more, so after getting a few hints from a few friends, I created a proxy (you can download a php script called phpproxy and put that in apache).
Of course, I'm not stupid and didn't call it '' or anything, it was totally discreet. It make it seem more plausible, I even took the 'RM safetynet page' that you get every time you access a 'bad' website and placed that as a front page, to deter the school into thinking that the site was actually blocked by my school.

So, bottom line is, I have a site '', and that shows up the whole 'RM filtering has blocked this site'. The ACTUAL proxy bit (where you type the URL of the page you want to go to) is something ridiculous like ''. After that, theres a simple 'username and password' thing so only me and some people can use it.

I left my server on, went to school. I had ICT last lesson so had to kinda wait. Got onto the machine, went on my site, and found out that it had been really blocked by my county, rather than RM itself. Tried the URL to get to my proxy, that didn't work either. I went onto and made a new URL and tried that, it worked....for around 20 secs. Then that was blocked too. I then quickly made some more random URLs, they all suddenly didn't work. The reason was listed under 'spam URL'. I didn't want to type my ip address as the URL, cuz if they block that, then I've basically lost all hope.

Any ideas? I've gotten this far and there's no way I'm giving up. Another weird thing is how on earth did they find my site? There's like a billion pages on the net. And I don't think anyone even knows about my site :/

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Re: my OWN proxy - need help

Post by jd2kuk »

I don't know what filtering system your county uses, so I can't give you a definitive answer, but there are probably two reasons why your site keeps being blocked almost immediately:
  • The filtering system uses IP addresses aswell as DNS entries block URLs. Though you changed the domain name to your server several times, the likelyhood is that the IP address to the server remained the same. Aswell as blocking the URLs to websites, some ISPs block the IP address of the server that is tied to a domain name when blocking a website- meaning that no matter what you changed the domain name to, your proxy would always be blocked.
  • The filtering system detects proxy scripts and automatically blocks them. Many filtering systems tend to detect the characteristic 'traits' of well known proxy scripts (including phpproxy!) and automatically filter them, meaning that proxy sites on the loose get blocked by the system much quicker. One thing to try if this is the case, would be to use a different, less well-known proxy script (Such as glype) on your website.
Hope this helps ;)

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