School's Internet

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School's Internet

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Okay, my school is using,
RM CC4 on XP Os's
This is a web proxy (default set) that the school uses as their blocking system. I think that the files on censornet are linked in with the database containing all of the username's and password's in the school becuase if you change your login password, then your internet password changes. I have the IP of the proxy and i have tried adding this to my laptop, however it says you need an admin password. Im not realy intrested in blocking my laptop (internet) i just want to see if there is a way of removing the Proxy filter from the schools internet.
I have a few ICT teachers passwords, we were on Novell where we could run .exe's more freely so we used Cain and Able to gather an extensive list of passwords. However i am not sure if these are needed.
I can run exe's if needed (see my post in the hacking RM topic)

Thanks for your time

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