firefox/google problem

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Re: firefox/google problem

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kaden361 wrote:nothing all scans are coming back clean everything i run says my computer is virus/malware free
You installed anything recently like a program?
I installed MSN Plus without realizing I'd installed their 'sponsor' which made ads appear on my screen.
So try uninstalling anything you've installed recently just prior to this happening.


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Re: firefox/google problem

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ok hey everyone thnx for helping me with this I think I finally got it. after surfing around and talking to other people who have had this happen to them, I used a program called combofix. and the way it works when it runs it pretty much disables everything and scanned my system. it found a rootkit and I thought oh s**t how did this happen. anyways it got rid of it and everything seems normal now. If it comes back I'll let you know. oh and the rootkit was called skynet which made me laugh.