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Blocked Internet Access

Post by joethecomputer »

I got this msg from the system admin in one of our schools computer rooms while i was searching with google for "tron bikes" (as we have a D.T project building clocks with models on):

School computers are for schoolwork only... you have been banned from the internet for one week. that includes ALL sites.

i was then logged off and when i logged back on (less than 30 secs later, i get a "page cannot be displayed" error whenever i go onto IE

anyway to get round this and how did they do it?

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Post by irksome »

To get round it just go to your admin and say that you were doing your DT project. If necessary, use your DT teacher to back you up. I'm sure they'll lift the ban.

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Won't Work

Post by joethecomputer »

no chance he will lift the ban. he tried to get me suspended for using a proxy. and suceeded!

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Post by FreelanceX »

ooooooooooooooook... 1 word: HARSH.

if we suspended every kid using a proxy we wouldnt have anyone left in year 10 - 11...

oooh... *thinks* good idea.. :wink:


if ur that desperate and he wont give it you back, use ur friends...
FreelanceX - Asking for help should be a last resort. Try it yourself before you run to us for help...

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Post by ali2234 »

Yeah, when I nearly got banned I had about 4 or 5 people OFFER to let me use their accounts if I did; although it's not as good as your own.

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