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ok ..
I have this big major problem .There is this company called "STEAM" and they make games ok and i have got an account off
them and i play different games : Counterstrike 1.6 and condition zero and other games aswell .BUT ive been looking on for advice on getting my passwords back but people say there all *SCAMS* so i have ignored them , also there was a video on there which had someone putting there steam account name into a certain "programme" and then it traces your password up all the way from the "STEAM " COMPUTER machine .. is this ture that there are programmes or softwares what ever there called , that can trace your password if it was your hotmail account or msn or any type ?

Please i dont want someone to give me a website and when i download the programme it has like trojens or key loggers or any type of things .

thankyou .

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