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PSP - Online Gaming - V4LL3Y

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Hey This topic is Dedicated to PSP online gaming! On this topic you will find all the online games people have and you can organise matches and other online stuff! Also we have clans!!!! so if you have a PSP and have the games to go online with you could join anyone of the clans!

We have only just oppend this topic so we only have one clan at the moment but there will be more!

if you have medal of honor herous and can go online you will be able to join the clan, the clan is called DemonShooters and we are looking for clan members now! so if you have the game and can go online please contact me or leave a reply on the DemonShooters Topic!

if you have any other games that you can go online with and ever have a clan or jst wnt to organise some matches please leave a reply!

thanks V4LL3Y

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