RM CC4 Access/SIMS Terminal Server

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RM CC4 Access/SIMS Terminal Server

Post by tommym97 »

Hi guys


Way back in March this year, I came across a fantastic tool on the W Drive(Shared Documents) - called 'WAP - Shortcut'. I clicked it, and came up with something like 'Your system administrator has disabled access to this feature'. I then went: right click/properties/find target, and there you go! Access to all the servers, including PSTs for emails.
However, whenever I click something like 'RMStaff' (on drive T; path is: //SERVER1//RMStaff), I cannot access it. A teacher left his account on the other day, so I couldn't resist the opportunity to copy/paste a few files over. I also copied over a shortcut to a random folder on the Staff drive, and I went the usual way about it; e.g. right click/properties/find target, but it wouldn't work!


I have a working shortcut to SIMS, (copied from the Staff Drive), but no user/pass! When I click it, this is what happens. (Our school purchased the Terminal Server version, so basically you use a RDP file to connect to a server which holds your SIMS data on)

It displays a small screen saying:
Connect Drives
Connect Printers
Connect OMR (all with tickboxes at the end)

Press connect, then it says 'Connecting to mis.__schoolname__.scomis.org

The screen then goes a grey colour, and displays a message saying 'Only authorused users can logon to this system

You're then presented with a screen like this, prompting you for a user/pass. I've tried 'Administrator' but it comes up saying that account is disabled?
Any default user/passed for SIMS? (we use SIMS Terminal Server V2.1.2) I copied some screenshots onto my memory stick, although I've now lost it! Will try to dig some out for you

Using Remote Desktop
I would like to be able to 'remote in' to the school over the sumemr break. One of the admins said he did this when I requested for CS4 to be installed onto a computer.
When you logon to a computer, on the top right hand corner, it displays basic information. Click 'more' and it tells you the IP Address and the domain. I've put all this into Remote desktop, asks me for my user/pass, but I can't connect. Again - could any default CC4 user/passes be any use? I only want access to a normal computer; not one of the servers!

Any ideas on how I can access the T Drive/Staff Folders, (I have a student/Standard User account), and any default user/passes for CC4 and SIMS?

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