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Re: Good Web Hosting

Post by TJ_2k7 »

Quaon wrote:I have a family friend that needs a good host site for a simple 3 page web site, know of any?
If they want a free site then I'd recommend Freehostia
You can get a free sub-domain..


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Re: Good Web Hosting

Post by jd2kuk »

For paid hosting, I'd easily go for 1&1 or fasthosts. Their packages might be a little overkill for what you want though lol, have to look what they have.

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Re: Good Web Hosting

Post by missi0n » is ok just a few blue links.... ;) LOADS of space :p

look at mine if you want:

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Re: Good Web Hosting

Post by allenePanek »

One of the major things in running a website successfully is having a reliable web hosting service.

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