Thoughts on Windows 7 ...?

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Re: Thoughts on Windows 7 ...?

Post by heebyjeebys »

its not clunky... though it is buggy

what annoys me is that the wireless sometimes doesn't work and that it sometimes forgets that my mouse has a button so i can't click on anything and am forced to restart

but other than that its amazing! fast booting and jelly windows (ubuntu) ...

and no leet
its a pain
Heeby's here! :)

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Re: Thoughts on Windows 7 ...?

Post by TJ_2k7 »

So basically; Snow Leopard FTW! :)

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Re: Thoughts on Windows 7 ...?

Post by ICT Tech »

danova wrote:Microsoft have really gone to great lengths on this one to fix what they broke with vista (me thinks)- it hogs less resources, the interface is much improved, and lots of new features make it really worthwhile.
Agreed!! :P
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