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What version of linux do you use?

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Mandrake 9.0

Post by Majik »

I have been security testing and evaluating this bubble gum version of linux and I am pleasently suprised.

The setup, as with all version of Mandrake was simple. Point and Click, no big thing.

Running KDE 3 at 1280x1024 looked nice, crisp clean.. need I say? Pretty.

RAM was a little intensive using about 50% of my RAM (300 / 648 MB).

Processor is always at about 40% of a P2 450.

Security tests went as well as could be expected for a window-esk version of linux.

On a scale of 1 - 10 I would give Mandrake 9 about a 7.

I recommend this version for anyone new to linux or just using linux as a test box for Coding and applications.
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Post by phiber »

btw, does mandrake support:
- promise technology storage controllers
- sis chipsets
- geforce based cards with 3d acceleration in X
on a _default_ setup?

_default_= next, next, next, yes, next, yes, next :)
_default_.=without the need of kernel re-compile

it looks good on mandrake website, but I'm interested
for "in-practice" features/abilities.
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Post by cougar »

I used Mandrake 9.0 for a couple of days...But then i put slack back on.
Mandrake made everything thing look easy and nice. KDE 3 looked really good. But i still think it's too bloated and i didn't like the way it was set up. It ran to slow on my computer...128mb of ram and a pIII 450.
just my thoughs...


Slack, a few years back...

Post by mercury »

I wanted to see why Linux was becoming a pain in Microsoft's side, so I picked up Slackware. That was three years ago. Ouch. If it hadn't turned out to be as much of a learning experience as it was, I would damn its existence. I had never used Linux before, and there I was, recompiling my kernel to include a sound server...

I guess, looking back, I'm glad Slack was my first Linux distro. I've stuck with it as my primary Linux so far. Red Hat & Debian I also use, but Slack is almost always running.

Besides, Linux has turned out to be my gateway drug of OS's. Now I run OpenBSD, OSX (for its BSD soul), & Solaris. I fucking addicted to three things: caffiene, nicotene, & command-line-ene. :wink:

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